5 Ways to Get into Your Locked House

We have all done it. We’re rushing to get out and before we know it, we are trying to get into our cars and we have no keys. Worse yet, we let the front door close and it is locked. Before you grab your phone and call arlington locksmith, here are a few tips for getting back inside.

Look for an Unlocked Window. I know, we are very careful to lock our windows, but sometimes we forget, and hopefully this is one of them. If you have double-hung windows and you find one open, you can climb in. Please don’t break your window in order to open it. Unless your windows are tempered glass, this will cause a mess of jagged glass stuck in the window frame, and serious injury can occur.

Think Who May Have a Spare Key. Sometimes when we are stressed, we don’t always think clearly. So, take a deep breath and think about anyone you may have given a key to. This could be a neighbor who agreed to feed your cat the last time you went away for the weekend, or a former roommate who may still have a working key.

The Credit Card Method. First, look at your lock. The credit card method does not work on deadbolt locks (the kind that are not included as part of the doorknob. However, if you have a doorknob lock, it may be spring operated, which is ideal for the credit card method. Find the most flexible card you have and put it into the doorframe near the latch. Gently push the card in, bending it away from the door knob. Gently lean on the door as you do this. You may be able to get the card far enough in to move the latch and open the door.

Take Off the Doorknob. Again, this only works if the deadbolt did not get locked. On most doorknobs, the screws are hidden. However, if you have a paper clip or similar piece of thin, bendable metal, you can insert it into the small hole that is near the knob itself. Push the piece of metal in with one hand while pulling and twisting the knob with the other hand. If you keep doing this for a period of time, the knob should come off. Then, just remove the metal ring that surrounds the knob and you will expose the locking mechanism. From there, you should be able to release the lock.

Call a Professional Locksmith. If all else fails and none of the methods will work with your type of lock, or you are just not comfortable doing any of this, a professional locksmith is always available to help. Many locksmiths, like Lock N More locksmith in Fort Lauderdale Florida, operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can dispatch someone to help you within minutes. Be careful to find a truly local car locksmith who is licensed (if you live in an area where licenses, can give you a firm estimate, and accepts credit cards. There are many locksmith scams operating and we don’t want you to fall into that trap!